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What is a whitey

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What is a whitey

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Peter Slattery It doesn't matter whether you are a lightweight or a seasoned stoner; sometimes it just creeps on you. Your vision blurs, the room starts spinning, you can't move or speak and you just sort of collapse near the nearest soft fabric. Whiey spoke to some people who have thoroughly embarrassed themselves because of the devil's glorious lettuce.

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This was wuitey early in my weed-smoking career so I was fully fried after about 10 minutes and asked to be let out. We'd forgotten to put the lock back on the door.

Embarrassed weed smokers tell us their worst whitey stories

One time, we invited some boys from our school over, too. The symptoms of a whitey are very similar to the symptoms of low blood sugar and for similar reasons, the body is lacking in nutrients. A whitey is a feeling that happens on random. I just sent her a text saying "imma go nap in the toilet x".

The second is lack of fluid, which may be at least part of the reason why weed can trigger feelings of thirst, hence it helps to ensure that you have something healthy to drink on hand i. Back.

With this in mind, if you find yourself dealing with someone who appears to ie pulling a whitey, but is not responding to the standard treatment, you may wish to try giving them a sweet drink, to see if this helps. A whitey (or white-out) is a drug slang term for when a recreational drug user, as a direct or indirect result of drug use (usually cannabis), begins to feel faint and.

Two bites in, I started to feel a bit green and clammy, the room started spinning and I knew I was done for. It can happen because.

What is it like to whitey from smoking too much weed?

JAKE, 25 It was a summer night and I'd been out with some friends just drinking and smoking for hours. Jump to Jump to search A whitey or white-out is a drug slang term for when a recreational drug useras a direct or indirect result of drug use usually cannabisbegins to feel faint and vomit. Peter Slattery A few minutes later a man with a thick Chinese accent came up and tried to give me teabags and milk.

Three tokes in and the room starts spinning and I realised I'm going to throw up, but I was trying to style it out because I haven't even kissed this girl yet.

This is iis to a sudden drop in blood pressure. These guys had some weed and rolled a t, which I thought was amazing because it was probably the first t I had ever seen in my life. It also offers the classic weed high, which typically makes a user feel full of energy and again, want to get up and move. I got back to hers and smoked another t while eating an apple crumble and custard that I'd got to take away and was refusing to share with anyone else.

By the time it was over, I was over, too.

It isn't because you're a "lightweight" or "first timer". When you blank outthe feeling is like being dead.

Loading Top definition. All jokes aside, it was fucking terrifying.

Whitey (drugs)

They refused, in the interest of keeping the fumes in the room, so I had to slump on the toilet with a candle in my lap and wait it out. Avoid consuming it with alcohol. Be careful everyone. Me and my friends baked some brownies with about a quarter of an ounce of weed in them and ate them all within ten minutes because we were dumb as shit. whitey. I couldn't move at all and felt like my body was stuck to the sofa with superglue. "I texted my mum and told her I was going to die and that I loved.

What is happening in the body when a first-time cannabis user pulls a whitey? Whiteying sometimes involves vomiting and shakiness.

Whitey | definition of whitey at

The first is by changing suddenly from a sitting or lying position especially the latter to a standing position. When you wake up after an hour or two you start to feel better.

It doesn't matter whether you are a lightweight or a seasoned stoner; sometimes it just creeps on you. I was trying to say, "Can I have a fork? It can happen because you're in or around heat. Then sometimes you vomit from nausea then usually end the high with passing whity completely.

The science behind the weed whitey - msnl blog

At around 2AM I decided to head to my girl's house via whiteh bagel shop. I spent about an hour clinging onto the toilet, feeling the most hammered I'd ever felt — although I'd probably only had one beer whigey this point. Shockingly I managed to pull it back — she gave me a spare toothbrush and we actually went on to have sex against all odds. We had two ts in rotation. Embarrassed Weed Smokers Tell Us Their Worst Whitey Stories. It isn't because you're a "lightweight" or "first timer ".

As always, if the sufferer does not appear to be recovering, then seek medical assistance, but this is hardly ever necessary.

Urban dictionary: whitey

In my extremely waved state I heavily over-estimated how much I could eat and got carried away. Wanting to impress her, I put lo of weed in the spliff and we started smoking. Offer them water. She was just giggling at the whole thing. When we got to the hotel, I asked for cutlery and they said they would deliver it to the room. This is known as greening out.

The science behind the weed whitey

March 23, I had the munchies so I bought a chicken caesar salad on the way. I don't remember anything beyond this point, but I've since been told I was carried into the garden for fresh air, where Ks puked, asked where I was and puked again out of horror that I was in England. When everything starts to become clearer all the shaded areas are like sepia colored.