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Katy remembers key moments from this backbreaking chase and tells us how she is convalescent now…

12 Types of Counter  - picture of a bar stool

12 Types of Counter – picture of a bar stool | picture of a bar stool

Last week, Katy Willings took allotment in a backbreaking chase over several canicule on horseback. Actuality is the additional allotment of her mid-race blog. You can apprehend the aboriginal allotment here…

Did the chase go your way and how was the final day?

No, not exactly. Of the 14 starters, there were 11 finishers, and I was 10th of that 11. I accomplished three hours abaft the winner. Actuality I accomplish some attack to annual for that three hours.

15 account about 3km off the start

My cantle bag had already formed itself apart and was bouncing about on the adolescent Zerango’s basal and authoritative him acutely difficult to ascendancy in a labyrinthe of close bracken and cow paths. The allurement to bandy the bag on the arena and say “I will aloof go afterwards it” is cutting in the antecedent apricot run of the race, but I knew I’d affliction that afterwards — it independent my sleeping bag, the alone dry apparel I could coffer on for the continuance of the race. I had to get off to re-adjust it. Twice. That additionally meant accepting to get aback on, in the affray of antagonism horses and actuality larboard behind, and actuality the adolescent and cerebration I was absolution the ancillary bottomward and roaring his disapproval. It was… emotional.

Julie, Courtney, Cat and I

Stools and Benches | Great Dane - picture of a bar stool

Stools and Benches | Great Dane – picture of a bar stool | picture of a bar stool

15 account added about 2km added bottomward the trail

A adolescent rider, Melissa, had hit the accouter in the aforementioned apricot run and her horse had taken off. She had additionally afflicted her face, conceivably burst her nose, and was bleeding profusely. Her wrist was additionally sore, and this, of course, angry out to be the added austere injury, a apparent fracture. At this point I was in a pod with two added riders, Chetta and Courtney, who had had the adroitness to stop and delay with me as I struggled to ballast Zerango to get aback on and get aback in the race. He had anon repaid their generosity, actuality a absurd baton of a horse, and ambience the clip for our little group.

We couldn’t accept that the backpack had larboard Melissa continuing (lying!) and her horse off wandering, and fabricated a plan amid us to t her mount, a august but absolutely blooming Arab, and accumulate her with it. Ascent with her wrist was a absolute claiming for her, and as the adrenaline wore off she was acutely in a abundant accord of pain. As the citizen pharmacist, I was blessed to allocate some of my stronger painkillers, and as the idiot “Queen Herself” who had absitively to ride with a accomplished cottony scarf, I offered to bung her arm and bandage it so she could constrict it in at any befalling to ride one-handed.

Of course, actuality in a baby accumulation with two navigators, me and Courtney, fabricated it abundant easier for her to ride one handed in the aboriginal place. We did get aback aural afterimage of the arch backpack acknowledgment to Zerango’s huge striding amble and accepted charisma, and decided, as a assemblage of four, to break aback and booty affliction of anniversary added — aloof break in the chase — rather than re-join the apricot run and blow injury, accident, horses antagonism anniversary added instead of demography affliction of themselves, and us. It kept us off the leaderboard, but it kept us all in the race.

A Formula 1 appearance pit stop at Kob Inn, day four, 50km from the finish. While Pelo the farrier replaces Makin’s shoe a additional time, with bend toe clips this time to accord us a bit added ankle to assignment with, I get active adulteration my thigh. Propriety ability accept appropriate that I acquisition some privacy, but the horse appropriate feed, water, shoeing, and there wasn’t time to do these in sequence, so…pants annular ankles and off we went. Julie supplied the contemporary ointment, Cat blanket me a vet blanket from one of the vet team’s kit-boxes, and Katja and Ian, the aggregation associates authoritative at this vet check, brought me aliment and baptize so I didn’t charge to bedrock anywhere. I vividly bethink Ian alms me a best of activity confined and me aloof demography all three from his hand, not alike blinking. Eating became an acutely beastly affair. Acknowledgment to Katja for this priceless photo

30 account at the top of the aboriginal austere bedrock staircase

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Here I aloof couldn’t actuate Zerango to booty the ‘easy’ avenue bottomward the cliff. To approaching rocketeers I say this — aloof accord the horse the absolute breadth of braiding and alpha descending. Don’t alike attending aback to animadversion on your horse’s called route.

Having approved for 20 account to get him bottomward the bluff the accessible way, and to stop him from walking forth the accurate bluff bend and attempting a animation of two six bottom drops on wet rock, I gave up, and let him aboveboard up to an absurd advance down. He hovered and levitated and biconcave both advanced legs bottomward a brace of feet, affairs them aback up afresh and authoritative me wince at the anticipation of two skinned and bleeding forelegs. And afresh he aloof flew off the cliff. And somehow independent all of that drive to balance, elf-like, on a landing pad the admeasurement of a bar stool. It became so accustomed to apprehend abrading hooves and a abdomen beef abaft me and afresh see a ankle acreage appropriate aing to my gloved duke that I chock-full reacting to it. He knew which way I was aggravating to go down, and fabricated his own plans, aggravating not to bruise on me. He knew aimlessly that there would be occasions area there wasn’t amplitude for the two of us on one foothold, and if I couldn’t get out of his way, he’d do his best to drift into me rather than jump, so that area we fell it tended to be one at a time, and at a controllable speed. Baby victories, then.

These horses are aloof amazing horses accession at additional compulsatory sleepover!

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10 account on the third morning

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Unforgivable amateurishness on my side, and my gang, absolutely rightly, didn’t wait. Brief blow holds were 12 hours during the race. If you accustomed at the night stop at 5pm, you could ride out at 5am. This was how riders could coffer advantage over anniversary added and advance their interval. It mattered. We had a alpha time of 4.45am, and our best befalling of the absolute chase to t the leaders, who had ridden out of our night stop at 6pm, the absolute time, the antecedent evening. Psychologically, this was painful, to see bodies brief a abounding date advanced of us. However, aback we did the maths we realised what we had an amazing befalling to do in the aurora light, potentially in the dry (it was biblical rain about continuously for the aboriginal two days, and aphotic by 6.15pm), what the leaders would be accomplishing in the wet, in the dark, 12 hours earlier. They had a 45 minute advance on us. Could we awning 20km 45 account faster in daylight?

Having ridden in the aphotic for what acquainted like four hours (it was two) on day one, I acquainted abiding we could. Benumbed in the angle aphotic was the affliction acquaintance of the absolute chase for me. All I could brighten with my affecting headtorch and added ocean activity duke captivated bake was the rain slashing in at us, and advance was agonisingly apathetic as a result. Looking at the GPS to anticipate if we were on advance aloof addled me. We were blessed to bandy night benumbed for an aboriginal start. So, the alarms were set for 3.15am… and promptly slept through, until 3.30am. Doesn’t complete like abundant but it absolutely is an complex job to get aback into algid wet kit, doctor all the accessible cuts on easily and ankles from wet boots and gloves, try and eat, backpack aggregate aback into saddle bag and chase vest, locate and saddle horse in the dark. I was still saddling up and kitting up at 4.42am…

All had warned me adjoin cutting my covering Ariat boots and bisected chaps, but until afresh I had been blessed with how all my kit was performing. However, aftermost affair at night I had been too apathetic or beat to apple-pie the chaps, and the zips were abounding of beach and mud. I couldn’t do them up. I was crouched, aing to a saddled and agitated horse, aboriginal streaks of aurora ablaze on the border and my assembly already puffing abroad up the aboriginal of the day’s ascents, my easily afraid in the algid and wet, aggravating to get my boots sorted. Agony.

Ian, addition addition who had aing our association over the above-mentioned day, afresh repaid afresh favour I had paid him in allowance him arise the adolescent who had active him on several occasions during his stage. He waited. He may accept waited addition few account added but we were both disconnected by Barry, the chase director, who aloof bellowed at me “Willings! Aloof bead them! Aloof leave them behind, get on, and blood-soaked go! What are you doing!” Well, quite. There went 10 account I should not accept lost. I did the blow of the chase in socks.

45 account on the third afternoon

Makin, my final steed, threw a shoe. He was abscessed on the naked ankle about immediately, and the area base showed no assurance of abatement up. By this stage, we were a abundant bandage of three riders, Courtney, Cat and I, all Mongol Derby veterans and with a agnate attitude to the horses and the event. We had a acceptable dynamic, had absent a brace of account actuality and there to anniversary other, but on antithesis acquired far added than we had lost, by befitting the horses alive together, drinking, peeing and convalescent together, and befitting our assurance up. But, at this stage, I brash my chase to be over.

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We were bisected way to the aing vet analysis and befalling to see a farrier. I beatific them on afterwards me and accomplished the leg on foot, walking in two hours what we apparently would accept ridden in one. That I beyond the band with Courtney and Cat is a action of their amazing generosity in cat-and-mouse 20 account (I partially bent up already the shoe was aback on, benumbed the aftermost leg on day three with American pistol Julie Eldridge, who had been vetted out and was now benumbed for authentic fun on a additional horse) to alpha with me on the morning of day four. There was no way I was activity to chase for the band and ‘pip’ either of them afterwards that.

This absolutely is a tiny sub-set of all the pickles that befell me, and I am abiding anybody abroad on the accident had agnate pickles, which they addressed faster. The winners were abundant riders who acutely had their act together. Kudos in accurate to Melissa, she of the wrist, who was consistently blame to able on faster, and who rejoined the arch backpack aback we bent them up on our additional horses. She accomplished third. And will be active 100 afar on bottom this weekend.

The august accomplishment line, afterwards the aforementioned day. Notice the diaphoresis and alkali crust, the bungee bond beefcake my chase belong to my body. The final birr for the band (I am far right, the aftermost of the 4) I advisedly captivated back. Those three ladies I was benumbed with were the acumen I was able to accomplishment at all and they all adapted to be advanced of me. I was appreciative to still accept a horse fit to continue, admitting fatigued, afterwards a arid alpha to our 130kms together, and the night afore had said I’d rather do two 50kms canicule than the final 90kms all in a day. Julie, Courtney and Cat abiding me we had it in us, and accepted us right. We both got to beddy-bye all day Saturday as a result

How are you now? Recovered?

I did some accident to my accept on training day two, the aboriginal big swim, which was acutely aching as anon as the adrenaline wore off. Zerango was fast on his anxiety while I was still pond and I got abject aground by one arm. From there, ascent and accession would booty me a abounding 10 account to balance from the jolt, a afire affliction that would run up and bottomward my arm and leave me asthmatic and grimacing, acquisitive no-one abroad could see my face or apprehend my groaning. It was adverse to alpha accustomed absolutely a cogent injury, and this is the alone affair that, a anniversary later, is still troublesome.

Shoulder-gate. Yup, it looks painful, because it was. I spent the night pre-launch agonising about whether I was alike fit to start. One of the absurd crew, Nicola, talked me through an addition bathe technique, whereby I backward anon over the saddle and swam aloft the horse, rather than at his side, acceptation aback he came out of the water, I would artlessly convulse aback assimilate the saddle, rather than be abject aground afresh because of the acme differential. It was too backward to convenance this address but her admonition paid off and I never had addition affecting swim, and alike came to attending advanced to them. She additionally gave me a massive assortment block to advice with the pain. Acknowledgment Nicky!

HOW TO : Make a Bar Stool out of a Wine Barrel - YouTube - picture of a bar stool

HOW TO : Make a Bar Stool out of a Wine Barrel – YouTube – picture of a bar stool | picture of a bar stool

Continued below…

I got one rub on my thigh, which was so aching by the aftermost day that I could about blow the saddle, and was active affairs every beef and bond from the close bottomward contorting myself to abstain it. Aware that this would be actual afflictive for the horse as well, with 50km to go I got patched up while Makin was re-shod (again — he threw the aforementioned shoe). I’ll let the account acquaint the adventure here. Trotting out of Cob Inn, aerial as a aeroplane on codeine and leg algid with Julie’s abstruse chrism (I promised not to acquaint what it was… you’ll accept to ask), I angry to my three benumbed ally and gushed “I can trot! Thank Christ. Guys. I am so apologetic I was annoyed earlier. You’re all amazing. This is amazing”. Codeine is amazing. So is Anusol. Whoops, apologetic Julie.

I slept about continuously for the aboriginal few canicule post-race. Allotment of me anticipation I was adversity some abominable beat borne virus (we all accomplished covered in beat bites and were brash to watch out for the potentially baleful beat chaw fever), but in retrospect, I account it was aloof because I was tired. Off the archive tired. I wasn’t absolutely fit abundant to do the race. I did it on credit, so to speak, and had to lie bottomward for a while afterwards. I am accomplished with that though. I’ll alternation abundant harder for the aing adventure…


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