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Shes just being nice

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Shes just being nice

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That awkward moment when you think she may like you but then she tells you she was just sges friendly! Did they playfully tease you, and did they come out and explicitly tell you that they are interested? As always, I welcome your comments and questions in the comment section below. Please feel free to share your story and it would be my pleasure to reply to you personally.

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Do they smile or laugh more when you're around?

Is she flirting with me or being friendly?

It will probably lead to more success that way, than mulling it over. Nuce out her normal behavior first, and find out what her personality is like in other interactions so that you can determine whether she is flirting or just being friendly with you and others.

If so, they're likely flirting with you. ChickyChica HA!

So if someone's making the effort to be around you, they're likely interested in you. Calls you often and keeps in contact.

Is she flirting with me or being friendly? 10 signs she's flirting!

Observe her around other men, and especially her guy friends. It's easy to quickly say "hi" to someone when you pass by them. The two behavioral traits I am going to go over with you are when a woman is being nice and authentic in the way that she is interacting with you vs.

OutcastedKilljoy Acting seriously interested in your life. Carne Lover. You can then gage where she is mentally, and focus on the tips that I am going to give you below.

9 differences between being friendly vs. flirty, according to experts

If you're attracted to them, it can cloud your judgement even more. See you Friday.

Definitely going to agree with comments. The good thing is, there are noticeable differences between someone flirting and someone who's just being nice.

Men don't know podcast: she's just being nice

You can feel confident because Apollonia guides you every step of the way! Sounds convenient, right? Recover fast!

Do they offer you compliments and not others? I mean prolonged, blatant physical contact.

She will find a way to get close to you and in the beginning stages, she will touch your shoulder or back as she is making eye contact with you. She just shows that she cares about what you say and how you react. Men compromise interest by not acting on these als, beingg we get discouraged and move on in this initial stage of negotiating attraction quickly.

You just need to be confident and go for it! The best thing you can do after rejection is act as though nothing ever happened. She chooses her words wisely and can come across as a bit shy. Honestly, if you notice a girl is not only responding to you, but keeping up the conversation with questions and a general interest, she is probably interested in you. So if someone's always coming to you for advice on the smallest things like good restaurants or bars to try, they may be trying to flirt with you.

According to experts, it is challenging to figure out if someone's flirting or just being friendly. More often than not it will be accompanied by a smile on her face.

7 signs someone’s flirting with you vs. just being nice

If they casually say you two should hice there together sometime, they may be asking you for a date. Trying to make intimate inside jokes. Did you stand closer to the person when speaking to them? People often confuse this way of interacting with romantic interest because she is asking you questions and is having so many conversations with you.

She is typically beinh available for you and wants to hang out. So the best thing that you can do is determine where she is by following the steps in this blog then making the move. Sometimes girls will flirt because it makes them feel awesome when someone likes them.

How to tell if she’s flirting with you or just being nice

She is going to want to try to impress you. You have nothing to lose. As always, I welcome your comments and questions in the comment section below.

If they're trying to find out you relationship status, that's another big clue they're probably interested in you. I want to be able to break this down as best as possible for you before I give you the als to pay attention to. For instance, are they giving you special treatment?

Are they flirting with you or just being nice?

Do they lean in? Not all girls do this but plenty of them do.

To get real with women NOW! Versus you.

I get seriously tongue tied and quiet. See if they make direct or prolonged eye contact. They'll ask a lot of follow-up questions in order to keep the conversation going.