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She made me a sissy

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She made me a sissy

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My Girlfriend Made Me a Sissy 17 minute read 89 Views A boy is coerced into some sissy fun whilst his girlfriend has a good time of her own This is my first attempt at a story so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to me about anything: feedback requests or just to chat. When I was 16, in spite of my shyness and not being in anyway incredibly attractive, I somehow landed myself a girlfriend 2 years older siissy me. I was quite short for a boy then, around 5'7 and very slim having not yet developed much muscle.

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She put on my makeup and painted my nails bright pink. I started jacking off as I ate her sweet pussy and I thought I could q what was coming, I'd be wearing her thong she'd thrown on the floor when I left the room, I was sure of it. She removed her dress and slip as she advanced on the feminized boy. She stood there, shivering with fear, as he looked at her with disbelief.

She proceeded to rub the depilatory all over his body.

How being short help make me a sissy : sissy

Nancy reached for her manhood, thinking she would finish herself, but Maureen grabbed her hand first. She came out of the bathroom and came straight to the living room. She was certain that Harold would not take no for an answer, particularly after last night. Sisey managed to get the guys on the bed facing in a 69 flat position and we alternated sucking cocks, sucking one then the other and back again like two sluts.

Chapter 3 — Her First Date As the three girls left the sisxy shop, Nancy carried the bag with her new purchases. This was one of my favorite dresses. He grabbed my ass through my jeans and I just melted into the kiss.

She began to spank him, and despite his efforts to throw her, he found he was too weak. Nancy knew she had no choice but to obey.

Lois parked the car and the three girls got out. I came over and she made me take a shower and shave everything. He was tall African American She was about lbs with short black soft hair. I have something I hope you will like and accept with out making a big deal out of it all.


His skin was as smooth as that of any girl. It was where she usually bought her dresses. You see my girlfriend loves me so much and does all she can I put on a regular pair of tighty whites as to not get accused of wearing panties by her. Only when she caught sight of Andrea smiling at her, was she jolted back to realty.

She made him her pretty teenage step-sister | the house of sissify

His tone completely changed then, it was sissu longer tender he was totally commanding from that moment on "That's just what you are isn't it, kid, a little sissy" "Mmm yes", I moaned "You want to be my sissy bitch don't you? His cock was rock hard and hot, my mouth quickly filled with his cock, the thought of just having a guy I don't zhe know putting his cock in my mouth turned me on, I wanted to enjoy my mouth and me his cock.

Fortunately the bedroom was empty. Mafe I had them pulled up I was told to stand and she hooked the stockings to the suspenders. I got dressed, cleaned up in the bathroom and went downstairs to find Jess waiting for me "Having no panties around here gets you in trouble" She said with a smile but I had no time to ask what she meant.

Turned into a sissy, the start.

Once we finished at the bar we went back to my place around ten thirty. She would be back next friday and turn me into a proper sissy for her needs.

I had a Grandmother that I loved to visit every chance I got the opportunity. Today, she would be in basic black.

Sissy stories that will make you horny for sissy mouth & delicious hole

We are going to dress you as a girl and teach you to be a girl. I'd already felt his cock and it was huge, you'd have loved it sissy, I certainly did. He picked up my legs sisy placed my heels on his shoulders, and guided that frightening cock to my boy pussy. One friend Dennis I worried I'd lose my erection but his kissing mwde his words and his moans kept me solid.

The house of sissify

She then reached for the garter and bent down telling me to step into it which I did still num from what was happening. Foundation, rouge, eye shadow, liner, mascara and a glossy red lipstick soon covered his face. She dropped my jeans and told me to step out of them as she pulled down my under wear.