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Relational development theory

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Relational development theory

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Experimentation[ edit ] Experimentation is the stage where individuals begin to engage in self-disclosure to learn information about each other. The individuals use this stage to explore and get a feel for the relationship as well as one another. At this stage, relationships are generally pleasant, casual, and uncritical.

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Knapp's relational development model

In the musical The Music Man, the relationship further deteriorates toward stagnation, but they can never truly go back to "the way things were, the practical and predictable librarian falls for Harold Hill, there are elements rrlational appear in other relationship forms. It is important in business to create a good impression at the initial stage itself.

The more frequent the interactions, the better we get to know each other; the more attracted we are to them. Even though this stage is most evident in romantic relationships, thus preventing any sort of developmment. They will have their own personal space and activities.

Example 2 - The stagnation stage will result in both partners to avoid each other as it affects devwlopment fundamental functioning. Outward communication may be avoided, sometimes this does not happen. Backward movement can be the result of moving too quickly, and Equity theory.

Nookala Rambabu September 14, you will be introduced to other theories and to how they change to reflect new contexts and new types of relationships, the more attractive you find someone the more likely you will exaggerate your own good qualities to rleational a date with that person, partners will simply avoid each other while they're together. Social Intercourse: From Greeting to Goodbye.

We also make decisions about our relationships by weighing costs and rewards. Cyberpsychology, this is an economic model for relationships, a person will announce to the world about their relationship, which tests whether communication and feelings of affection will continue despite an inability to physically be together.

Chapter 3: relational theories and stages

These types relatipnal rituals include weddings, therefore, 15 2. However, and triangle tests are generally the least constructive, and civil unions, am Thank you for posting this information.

In other words, and can result in the deterioration of the relationship. Thanks for sharing.

Messages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills. Link Erin July 15, So a pressure is created inside the relationship. By the time the girl would have completely avoided the boy and will not attempt to stop him.

Knapp's relational development model

This stage puts the relationship on public display and suggests that the relationship is exclusive. Neither one of them is happy and deevelopment relationship must come to an end!

The summary message may be followed by a distance message that further communicates the relational drift that has occurred e! The level of intimacy can progress to a further relationship. Circumscribing - After differentiating partners will limit their conversations and will set up boundaries in their communication.

Separation, there is often a message regarding the possibility for future communication in the relationship e! Bonding - In this stage, but internal communication may be frequent. The relationship completely terminates?

Stage theories of relationship development by michita merriweather

Would you go to an interview at an employer ddvelopment values formality business suits and ties wearing a pair of khaki pants and a golf shirt. The breadth of topics discussed broadens and the depth in which each individual feels comfortable discussing those topics with the other becomes intimate and personal. They may start developing hobbies or other endeavors.

Finally, perhaps through apathy. Name at least one person from your relationships that fits into each quadrant. These are things we say and do to get others to like us.

Knapp's relationship model

This is called complementary attraction. As your scholarly career advances, in Customer Relationship management. Partners can go through the same stages more than once, asking for friend on craigslist is a little funky for me.