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Portland lesbians

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Portland lesbians

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And yes, every day in this Queer Mecca is like an episode of Portlandia.

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Today, she says women-only events and labels feel uncomfortable, almost archaic in their restrictions.

Queer girl city guide: portland, oregon | autostraddle

The city boasts itself on being full of green space, and you can pretty much find a beautiful park ldsbians admire in any Portland neighbourhood. A bartender wore nothing but a black leather thong. Under different ownership, the events were geared toward older lesbians—mostly women over Today, expectations have changed. Christine Dong "I've never felt comfortable with the term lesbian.

The events are now open to women and the trans community.

Portland archives - lesbians who tech & allies

Another perk, in typical Portland fashion, the entire menu is vegan. Beer Portland definitely has no shortage of amazing craft breweries, and one of the hardest decisions to make when visiting is what spots to choose!

In summerStutzman, who has wavy red hair and wears an enameled "I Love Cats" pin on her jean jacket, recalls walking through Vendetta greeting people when someone she'd never met—someone who didn't identify with traditional female conventions like the pronoun "she"—confronted her. The city as a whole is very environmentally conscious, so you will see a lot of locals riding bikes, using ride shares and car shares, walking, and taking public transit.

Pesbians queens wore headdresses with LED lights that pirtland like jellyfish.

In September, a monthly party for queer women in Portland drew rebukes because it called itself a "dyke party" lesblans catered to women and "female-identified folk. Not only did voters elect Brown governor, Oregon lawmakers elected Rep. PCC campuses are located all over greater Portland. They always have delicious hazy IPAs and creative sours, so they tend to keep us both happy!

Bike Share The bike sharing network in Portland is called Biketownthe name paying homage to the Nike sportswear giant who got their humble, waffle iron start in Oregon. Fun and easy-going, generally filled with a variety of ladies. Whiskey being the drink of choice for Portland lesbians. It wasn't too long ago that identifying as lesbian or gay, bisexual or trans carried a huge stigma.

Crush is a quaint neighborhood spot for a simple cocktail and some good eats. At Crush, a queer bar on Southeast Morrison Street, manager Chris Stewart told an organizer of an event for queer and trans women that they couldn't use the word "exclusively" in their advertisements for lrsbians event. The two lovely ladies who put on Crush have moved to sunny L.

All the roasters on this list have great relationships with lfsbians producers, but this guy takes it to the next level. They have a lovely menu of delicious vegan food options to accompany their satisfying session-driven beers.

Lesbian travel guide to portland, oregon - lez see the world

The Loyal Legion is a trendy beer hall with 99 Oregon craft beers on tap! If you have a membership in another city, you are able to drive the cars in Portland as well. Just don't call it that. We love the Smart cars!

Portland’s wildest gay bars and hangouts

The "league" had nothing to do with softball, and instead was a monthly meet-up at Vendetta, a bar on North Williams Avenue. Prepare for daily doses of eye candy as you settle into a coffee shop attempting to get work done.

It has undeniable charm and energy. They pretty much put Portland on the map when it comes to high quality coffee.

We spent a night out at Crush and felt completely at ease with the crowd. And no one was even trying.

Lesbian dating in portland

On Foot Portland is a walkable city within the different neighbourhoods. Car Share Portland is one of the many cities that uses the Car2Go car sharing network. She prefers to call herself queer.

The incredibly high level of quality in the beans they source not only gives us amazing coffee to drink, it also helps the producers of these top notch beans pay their workers well. Why in Portland—one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America, and home to the nation's first bisexual governor and its first lesbian House speaker—is there no lesbian nightlife? The city also recently had a temporary pilot program to evaluate the electric scooter share companies, Bird and Lime, but the scooters have since been removed from the city.

We hope they return, because they would be a very fun way to get around Portland!

Queer girl city guide: portland, oregon

But Davis also noticed shifts in how her clientele interacted with the outside world. Crush has been voted the best LGBT bar in Portland every year sinceand they host meet-ups and leabians events for different members of the community, as well as newbies to the scene. As we mentioned above, there are a couple of specifically lesbian friendly neighbourhoods on the East side, but overall, the entire city is very welcoming.

The quintessential Portland queer night. Tina Kotek D-Portland to be their House speaker, the nation's first openly lesbian speaker.

Who crushed the lesbian bars? a new minefield of identity politics

On top of having plenty of dog friendly patios, Portland also has a lot of dog parks far more than most citiesso there are plenty of places to bring your furry friend. Inafter ending a romantic relationship, an unsettling thought struck her: "How do I find somebody else? Using the labrys—a double-sided ax often associated with Greek goddesses and a symbol of female strength—as the group's icon. Thomas Teal The result? Some people took offense lssbians the event's new feminine name.