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Follow your heart or mind in love

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Follow your heart or mind in love

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But what happens when your emotional and logical sides are at odds? This can be particularly poignant in romantic relationships.

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Compare this with your head, which tries — and often fails — to get us to think logically despite an influx of emotions. There are also thousands of quotes on Pinterest, Instagram, and elsewhere that would seem to tell us to follow our hearts above all else.

Should you follow your head or your heart? researchers reveal which one to pick

The research was deed to mimic real-life scenarios involving the factors of time constraints, emotional arousal, and risk decision-making. Thoughts will keep me out of trouble, but being able to truly feel everything that happens to me will get me through the bad times and help me enjoy the good. Sometimes life requires logic and strategy.

You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Rather, feelings are information from a less linear aspect of yourself.

This can be particularly poignant in romantic relationships. When I listen to my heart, my best qualities tend to shine. No one other than yourself can make you feel whole.

Romance: when your head and heart disagree

When I overthink, every situation becomes more anxiety-inducing than it ever needs to be. Try just sitting and noticing what you are feeling. ,ove value my emotions. What are the long-term consequences? You can listen to your heart when you need to understand your feelings, but you need to know there will be a time to stop listening to your heart and to engage your brain to start leading.

Susan Krauss-Whitbourne, Ph.

Culture says to listen to your heart — here’s why you shouldn’t

While you do so, let your feelings just pass by. It is possible your partner may be a diamond in the rough, but you owe it to yourself to keep your eyes open.

All opinions expressed herein are exclusively those of the author alone, and do not reflect the views of the editorial staff or management of Psych Central. You have a mind for a reason. Generally speaking, however, this chain of events is the exception and not the rule. Then think about times when your thoughts served up wisdom which may have changed your life or protected you from harm.

Will I regret staying and thereby delaying finding someone with whom I could have it all? Follow the path of your thinking.

Now go and make your marriage great! If it is not present, perhaps it is time ir let a relationship go — or give yourself some time folloq making any deeper commitment. He is d as a marriage and family therapist in California, Florida, Texas and Virginia. So how can you touch into your deepest wisdom among all this automatic thinking? Instead, they would merely be reactions to how we were feeling at that moment.

Should you follow your head or your heart? researchers reveal which one to pick

These posts are not intended to be therapy or professional psychotherapeutic advice, and are not a replacement for psychotherapy. Feelings are very powerful and can cause us to make a great deal of mistakes if we buy into some of our cultures missteps. Yyour may be a presence you call spirit, the undefended heart, the voice of love, or soul. Remember this voice.

Our hearts beat roughlytimes a day — 3 billion beats in our lifetimes. If you find it hard to identify feelings, referring to a feeling wheellistor mund may help.

Please allow me to break all of this down for you. You see a billboard for your favorite fast food t.

Perhaps there were instances when you threw caution to the wind, allowed your emotions to vollow the way, and things turned out well. We face this situation mmind lot, but perhaps no more than when we really want something — clothes, electronics, food — whatever. The loce can be idealistic yet it can also be naive, casting off rational thinking. Then recall times when your heart led you to adventures of a lifetime, taking risks and pursuing passions that came to define who you are. Do you tend to trust your intellect or your emotions?

Assess whether your partner is willing and committed to getting help; whether he or she takes responsibility for his or her past and challenges. Yet the mind can also be a naysayer, serving up self-doubt and cynicism that may keep you from adventures that could prove to be your most cherished.

Sometimes the gut saves us and guides us. See what emerges. A couple of reasons: 1 We tend to remember distinguishing events, particularly those when a positive outcome was realized. What do you want right now? When you have an head-heart conflict, try fostering a conversation between the wise brain and deep heart. Listen, as you read, for any advice or wisdom each voice may offer.

10 reasons i follow my heart over my head & you should too

Yoir thoughts may feel much different than consulting your feelings. It may be a voice you internalized from a wise parent, elder, teacher or role model. Your head can anticipate consequences that your heart may miss or minimize.

If you discover disturbing aspects to your partner such as an untreated addiction, a record of lying, or a checkered relationship history, pay attention. Your deep wisdom watches out for you, not folliw hysterics or Henny Penny warnings, but by offering the long view. But what happens when your emotional and logical sides are at odds?