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Atlantis gentlemens club philadelphia

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Atlantis gentlemens club philadelphia

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On the dimly lit stage, a beautiful woman shakes and spins her way through the end of her routine.

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Stripped down

The high concentration of clubs creates serious competition—dancers at Atlantis are skeptical of female patrons who come in without men, fearing they might be spies sent from other clubs. They ogle the three women clinging to the poles onstage.

Within months, Epperson had filed his lawsuit against Atlantis, claiming that they knowingly overlooked past assault convictions when hiring the dancer in question. Zeiger said he was not sure what happened to the stripper after the alleged stabbing. Her eyelids drop in a flash of pink eyeshadow as she slips the flimsy fabric off of one breast.

Atlantis gentlemen's club, philadelphia

When Sierra was still a dancer at ;hiladelphia, one of her coworkers had one fan in particular who would show up during the majority of her shifts, paying to watch her dance and talk to her. A large bachelor party is coming in later, and Sierra expects them to spend a lot and tip big. According to the lawsuit Epperson filed in October, the woman grew angry and attacked him with a shard of broken glass after he refused her proposition for a paid private dance. Ebony, come to the stage!

His eyes are obstructed by a red baseball cap. She plans to leave the club as soon as she can afford to pay her tuition. Even though Epperson and his friend rebuffed the woman's offers, she continued asking them for tips, the lawsuit says. Aside from her, she says, there are only two or three other students who dance at the club, girls who are using this job as a means to an end.

Atlantis gentlemen's club

On the elevated stage behind the bar, a lean, long—haired dancer slowly begins to shimmy her shoulders out of her neon blue and hot pink thong—and—halter leotard. In the suit, Pbiladelphia says the dancer had a conviction for assault and a reputation for being assaultive, which he claims the club should have known.

They speak in hushed tones to women rubbing up against their thick layers of January clothing. A cluv at the JNA Institute of Culinary Arts, Malaysia—her work name—hopes to become a pastry chef when she graduates in a few years. Zeiger said that Epperson made a police report and that an active warrant is out for the stripper's arrest, but a police spokeswoman said no arrest warrant was issued for a woman of that name.

There are about five patrons in the club, and even fewer girls on the floor. Partly because of this, she only works shifts during the daytime.

Amine and his friends all had the same first impression of Atlantis. It was a little bit sad. With her hair swept aside, a wad of bills is tucked under the plunging mesh neckline of her burgundy leotard. The four cat—themed private dance rooms have no panic buttons, a safety feature found more frequently in philadeplhia clubs.

Stripped down | 34th street magazine

After Epperson repeatedly told the woman that he would not tip her, she went from being a pain in the neck to lunging at his neck, according to the suit. Wtlantis time at Atlantis is limited, with a clear end in sight.

The club did not respond to requests for comment. In his suit against the Atlantis Gentlemen's Club, on the block of Chestnut Street, Errick Epperson claims club gebtlemens knew that the dancer had a history of "erratic and tumultuous behavior" but allowed her to work there anyway.

Atlantis gentlemen's club | philadelphia, pennsylvania | details |

Less than a block away, Penn students are just beginning to return to their Hamilton Court apartments after a night out. Late last semester, he and two female friends found themselves searching for an exciting weekday night out.

She fidgets with the wad of cash tucked into her cleavage absentmindedly, repeating herself one final time. At 10 p.

Atlantis gentlemen's club

Her cropped, low—cut black top clings gentlemfns her D—cups a size she announces proudly as she zips along the narrow space between the T—shaped stage and the bar framing it. A few are engaged in loud competition for the attention of the solitary bartender, a short woman with a tough cherry red scowl on her lips.

Both Sierra and Malaysia have had their share of obsessive patrons. Under prior ownership as Club Wizzards, it was a haunt of former 76ers star Allen Iverson. Her cleavage is stuffed with crumpled green bills.

Lawsuit: stripper stabbed man for refusing dance

Before they begin, each girl takes a spray bottle and hand towel from the ground and carefully wipes down the pole in front of her. Even within a club, the high financial stakes for each individual dancer can instigate competition, leaving a sour sort of intensity in the air.

The stripper "became irate for no reason, grabbed a glass, broke the glass, and stabbed plaintiff in the neck," the suit says. They have no real goals in life.