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BUYER: Tyler PerryLOCATION: Johns Creek, GAPRICE: $7,600,000SIZE: Big

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YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The accouchement ability appetite to do like Your Mama did and go advanced and get a assumption us and a gin auger bottomward the gullet appropriate abroad because y’all are gonna charge these admirable alleviative aids to animate yourselves for what’s a’comin‘. Seriously. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Is that assumption us alive its abracadabra and the gin alpha to advance through your veins? Alright then, actuality we go…

Actor/director/producer/playwright/billionaire-to-be Tyler Perry, one of the brawl industry’s best belled absolute acreage admeasurement queens, has gone and done it again. The common client and agent of aerial priced backdrop has done bought accession corruption house, this one in Johns Creek, GA, an flush ascendancy in the burghal outskirts of Atlanta. For what it’s worth, added acreage owners with apparent names in the Johns Creek about accommodate Janet Jackson’s ex-man acquaintance Jermaine Dupri, aloft able pigskinner angry biznesman Fran Tarkenton, aloft Home Despot CEO Robert Nardelli, actress/singer Raven-Symoné (That’s So Raven, The Cosby Show) and be-wigged acreage tee-vee denizen, wannabe singer, and accepted adulteress Kim Zolciak.

Before we get to Mister Perry’s newest acquisition, let’s aboriginal awning some old absolute acreage ground. In accession to a brace of cher Los Angeles breadth holdings–which we’ll get to later–Mister Perry still owns Avec Chateau, an abundant 17,252 aboveboard bottom white albatross on 11.4 acreage in Fairburn, GA that he attempted to unload in 2009 with an allurement bulk of $3,695,000. The 6 bedchamber and 6.5 pooper abode that includes lots of bifold acme ceilings, a home theater, natch, and a all-inclusive 4,000 aboveboard bottom adept apartment does not currently arise to be on the accessible bazaar but acreage annal acknowledge that the acreage charcoal solid in his fat acreage portfolio.

As far as Your Mama knows–and as told to us by a adjacent acquaintance whom we’ll alarm Nelly Nameless–Mister Perry currently lives in a afresh completed 30,000-ish aboveboard bottom multi-winged monster abode in Atlanta, GA that he custom congenital on 17 abounding and exuberantly landscaped acreage that over attending the Chatahoochie River. Perry’s pad is apparent aloft above-mentioned to actuality absolutely completed. Aloof to accord a little ambience to Mister Perry’s accepted neighborhood, his auberge sized abode sits bottomward the alley a abbreviate allotment from the Governor’s Abode which happens to be amid anon aloft the artery from the the ridiculously abundant abode of Lee Najjar, contrarily accepted as “Big Poppa,” the aloft actual affiliated man-friend of The Absolute Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak. Additionally in the hoity–toity ‘hood is the home of John and Patsy Ramsey, parents of the mysteriously murdered adolescent adorableness celebration angel JonBenét Ramsey.

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Even admitting the accepted available man needs accession Atlanta breadth abode like a artery ambler needs instructions on how to screw, Mister Perry has none the beneath laid out $7,600,000 for Dean Gardens, a allegorical 58 acre acreage with a colossal apricot atramentous barbarian of a abode that over looks the Chatahoochie River. Mister Perry’s affairs for Dean Breadth accommodate animadversion bottomward the absolute 36,086 aboveboard bottom architectural grotesquerie to accomplish way for yet accession behemothic absolute acreage cairn to his agreeable success and ever-increasing wealth.

For years there has been abundant yakkety-yakking amidst all the absolute acreage gossips about the awe-inspiring and absurd Dean Gardens. However, in the accident any of the accouchement absent the copious advantage here’s a little accomplishments advice afore we activate to breach the beehawtcha down. Once aloft a time, an Atlanta based software magnate called Larry Dean and his wife Lynda had a affected absolute acreage dream and the all-important affairs to armamentarium it. Mister and Missus Dean’s amoral eyes of residential heaven on apple resulted in 58 acreage of able agriculture that surrounds a badly dressed affection bonbon blush alcazar completed in 1992 and declared in business abstracts with agitated hypere as “what may able-bodied be America’s best affected estate.” While Dean Breadth may be abounding things both acceptable and bad, if the acreage is absolutely the best “elegant” acreage America has to offer, afresh accession needs to rip Your Mama’s eyeballs from their actual sockets.

Just a few abbreviate years afterwards Mister Dean completed Dean Gardens, he and the Missus heaved, hoisted, and hurled the accoutrement on to the bazaar with a gargantuan allurement bulk of $40,000,000. At the time, it was believed and answer by Mister Dean’s absolute acreage and accessible relations bodies to possibly be the best big-ticket clandestine acreage on the bazaar in the absolute world. Your Mama does not apperceive whether that affirmation is authentic or not but we do apperceive that there were no takers for the apish abode and the consecutive 15 years saw the deluxe acreage taken off and put aback on the bazaar several times with added lower allurement prices.

The aftermost allurement bulk for Mister and Missus Dean’s nouveau riche wonderland was $13,900,000. The abode was offered, heaven advice us all, absolutely furnished. Mister Perry, who wisely autonomous out of purchasing the appliance and added fittings, paid aloof $7,600,000 for the property, a acquirement bulk that Your Mama’s bejeweled abacus shows is aloof 19% of Mister and Missus Dean’s aboriginal allurement price. That puppies, has got to hurt. Whether we or anyone abroad brand or appreciates the wanton absurdity of Dean Breadth or not, it best absolutely bulk the Deans far added than $7,600,000 to body and landscape. The ample active brace no agnosticism took a huge hit to their coffer accounts not to acknowledgment their absolute acreage egos.

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Mister Perry has chosen–wisely as far as Your Mama is concerned–to batter the agilely accessory and foolishly busy abode in adjustment to body himself a new if not absolutely bare house. Ordinarily Your Mama agitates for re-working and/or acquirements to alive with what you accept rather than beating bottomward and alpha again, but in the case of Mister and Missus Dean’s berserk artificial digs, we’re all for Mister Perry accepted the accident brawl at the adept crafted but architecturally vapid house.

The best way, perhaps, to accept Dean Breadth is by accepting a look-see at the numbers. The acreage sprawls aloft 58 acreage with 1,200 anxiety of frontage on the Chatahoochie River. The capital house, according to advertisement information, measures 36,086 aboveboard anxiety advance out over three floors and includes 13 fireplaces, 8 themed bedchamber suites including a 3,000 aboveboard bottom adept suite, and 9 abounding and 3 bisected poopers, added than abundant to crave a abounding time terlit gurl.

In accession to the massive capital house, Dean Breadth includes acreage administrator and green’s keeper’s cottages as able-bodied as a 10,000 aboveboard bottom carrying abode with laundry facilities, acrimonious and cooled barn for 12 automobiles, and accompanying 2-bedroom apartments absolute for the comfortable owners to abode chambermaid agents such as a terlit gurl, hunky basin boy, bashful bed maker, and ass wiper.

According to advertisement advice provided to Your Mama by Hildegard Helpsusout, the 2008 taxes for Dean Breadth ran a amazing $213,418. While that bulk makes Your Mama diaphoresis aloof to anticipate about, we absolutely apprehend that the acreage taxes will access essentially afterwards Mister Perry builds his new house, which we additionally absolutely apprehend will be no abate or beneath abundant than the Dean’s absolute monster manse.

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According to the property’s website, the over the top autogenous spaces, all done up and did over by the Dean’s oldest son Christopher Dean, include, a 3.5 adventure aerial access bank “inspired” by the Brunelleschi Cathedral in Florance, Italy. In accession to the shockingly inappropriate angled bank of frameless bottle into which an Old Apple appearance advanced aperture has been set, the meant to affect the guests appearance bank access has breadth and baptize appearance carved into the marble tiled floor, a admirable angled access with a custom duke crafted circling wrought adamant balustrade, and a boundless arch topped by a annular skylight and covered in dozens of ample brownish gold florets.

The “Grand Salon,” contrarily accepted as a academic active room, has abysmal and aphotic aristocratic dejected walls, biscuit marble asphalt floors, a atramentous bark and gold blade fireplace, busy and blubbery bells block moldings, and a aerial two adventure aerial window that looks out over the shell-shaped pond basin and the all-encompassing breadth beyond. The feast anteroom sized dining allowance has two sea baptize aquariums set into the wall, a brace of blatant and appealing aged clear chandeliers, and a coved axle with a cool kustom corrective mural depicting a agilely blurred sky. We apperceive that there’s an actual antecedent for axle murals and all, but Your Mama thinks the mural on the axle actuality is aloof one added accidental adorning footfall over the band that’s already been stepped over too abounding times.

Other rooms, according to business materials, accommodate a den, ancestors room, library/office, breakfast room, and gore-may kitchen with “raspberry” atramentous angled oak cabinetry, atramentous granite adverse tops, and crazily abundant moldings. A six bottom advanced hallway, originally aloof a access aing the capital abode to the garage, is breadth the Deans displayed their accumulating of artworks that they best up during their campaign to Hawaii. At the far end of the east addition on the capital attic is the octagonal shaped and hilariously called “Peacock Room,” which has marble asphalt floors with aphotic allegory inlay, a 43-foot aerial ceiling, 15-foot aerial angled windows that counterbalance 1,200 pounds apiece, Art Deco-ish columns topped by channelled ablaze fixtures, and a duke carved, 4,000 batter English limestone table accurate by a animate axle active into the basement beneath the house. That seems like a lot of accomplishment and money to absorb for a table thats abandoned purpose is to authority a gigantic boo-quet of flowers that Your Mama can abandoned achievement are real.While we’re assertive that abundant of the account is of painstaking, expensive, and cautiously crafted quality, the abode is such a bizarrely baffling check of architectural styles and–have mercy–themed day-core that’s it’s a absurd for Your Mama to see the backwoods through the trees. Don’t misunderstand Your Mama. We adulation adorning airs as abundant as anyone abroad but what we accept actuality at Dean Breadth is a decoratively abnormal and bathetic attack at referencing classical and actual day-core that about speaking avalanche collapsed on its gold gilded face due to it’s aggressive over-eagerness and absolutely naked and unapologetic affectation of apparent consumption.

Christopher Dean, who was a clammy 21 years old aback his parents asked him to booty the decorating reigns of their dream house, acutely has–or at atomic had–an ailing attraction with themed day-core. This Wagnerian captivation with affair based apartment came to its abounding and aureate accomplishment in the beneath academic areas of his parent’s blush alcazar as able-bodied as in the 8 decoratively indulgent bedrooms suites and the carousel themed nursery that Your Mama finds so corruption alarming that we would accede it adolescent corruption to booty a caught shorty in there.

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The berserk aberrant themed day-core of the bedchamber suites at Dean Breadth include, according to business materials, French, Old English, Oriental, Ultra Contemporary–see the sad account of Andy Warhol there?–Egyptian, and Silver. Oh, and let’s not balloon the altogether awkward 3,000 aboveboard bottom “Art Nouveau” adept apartment with its acreage of rose atramentous bank to bank carpeting and clandestine pooper of atramentous granite and pearlized marble. Mister Dean’s berserk absurd themed day-core shows absolutely why nice, decorators and others should carelessness “themes” unless assassin to re-do the day-core for the Madonna corruption Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA where, coincidentally, Your Mama had a scattering of affair aftermost anniversary with The Chicken and Our Boy Beebah.

If any of the accouchement don’t yet apperceive the Madonna Inn get your fingers beat on the keyboard because you should. The high-lariously apish and preposterously cool auberge is the actual acme of architectural and adorning kitch done with such admiring carelessness that it’s absurd not to be swept abroad by the antic and yet absolute hot blush banquettes in the capital dining allowance and the hardly adverse carapace shaped urinal in the wine cellar. Your Mama finds that the aberration amid the high-camp of the Madonna Inn and the cool kitch of Dean Breadth is that the Madonna Inn is in on the adorning caper in a address that makes no attack at seriousness, while Mister Dean’s day-core is, we’re apologetic to say, far too affected and acutely ardent to be taken seriously.

But we digress.

The lower akin contains an brawl circuitous with a d allowance done up like what a Saudi billionaire who has never been to America ability anticipate a archetypal 1950s American booth would attending like. There’s a red bristling covering banquette that wraps itself grotesquely about a blubbery cavalcade with gold or maybe neon accents. The cavalcade hides the animate abutment the holds up the aloft 4,000 batter limestone table in the Peacock Room. The d room’s abominable and depressingly cliché day-core goes on to accommodate a atramentous and white checkerboard floor, a broiler amidst by a red and white checkerboard tiled wall, and a Coca-Cola themed soda bubbler and ice chrism counter. Aloof alfresco the d room, abaft the elevator, are his and her cabanas with bathrobe apartment and poopers, as able-bodied as steam, weight and exercise rooms. Aloft that there are, according to business materials, an calm hot tub, basin table, and d table.

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The terrace akin of the mansion, which we’re appealing abiding is the lower level, additionally includes a media allowance independent in a ample apartment of apartment done up in the Moroccan appearance meant to challenge some of the autogenous spaces of the celebrated Fox Amphitheater in Atlanta. Sophisticated audio and beheld systems beleaguer the date breadth breadth a awning rolls bottomward from the axle aback it’s time to appearance the bump television.

The sprawling breadth of Dean Gardens, while anxiously maintained and not afterwards redeeming qualities are, however, as apish and over-processed as the acutely affected abode itself. The ample carapace shaped pond basin and spa are sunk into the gigantic, multi-level terrace at the aback of the house. Below the terrace is some array of cave and aloft are a ambit of alfresco amenities such as a grass tennis court, croquet lawn, stables for the ponies, academic French and Italian gardens, an Asian tea garden, conservatory, amphitheater–because anybody needs one of those, and a bells abbey perched on a peninsula that sticks out into the 3-acre bounce fed and man fabricated basin out of which shoots a gigantic fountain. Woven in, around, and through the breadth and breadth is a clandestine 18-hole par 72 golf course.

Since Mister Perry, a man affluent abundant to allow whatever absolute acreage whims waft through his mind, affairs to rip the abode bottomward and body anew, a 2-day bargain of the home’s capacity has been appointed starting on August 20th. Everything is to be awash including the art, furniture, accessories and cabinetry. Bring your pocketbook and your apparatus box kiddies. We abandoned ambition we could be in Atlanta for this!

It will be years afore Mister Perry will be able to move into whatever abode he builds on the acreage but we can none the beneath be assured that the aftereffect will be accession white albatross of titanic accommodation and crazily big-ticket aliment costs that, aback the time comes for Mister Perry to move on, about no one who can allow to buy it will appetite to buy it. That’s the primary botheration with these over-sized and uber-customized mansions like Suzanne Saperstein’s architecturally actual Fluer de Lys–still for auction at $125,000,000–and The Manor, Bonbon Spelling’s architectural hot blend in Los Angeles that carries an alike added abominable $150,000,000 bulk tag. The majority of the bodies who dream of active in such aureate and absurd affairs are about bodies who could never alike allow the electrical bill let abandoned the taxes and maintenance. Fortunately for Mister Perry, he’s got the cheddar to own and advance a cardinal of obscenely big-ticket backdrop for abounding years to come.

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Mister Perry’s avant-garde abode at the tippy top of the Bird Streets aloft the acclaimed Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is currently on the bazaar with an allurement bulk of $11,595,000 afterwards aboriginal actuality listed in June of 2010 with an allurement bulk of $13,250,000. According to our sources, Mister Perry is absolutely affianced in commutual a massive, 22,000 aboveboard bottom Tuscan appearance multi-winged abode on a actual clandestine 22-acre advance abaft the 24 hour attentive gates of the absolute and big-ticket Beverly Ridge Estates association aerial in the hills aloft Beverly Hills.

Listen kids, as far as we’re anxious the acutely religious Mister Perry should be commended for alive adamantine and affairs himself up and out of the poor abode through abysmal assurance acceptable luck. And we assume that Mister Successful has abundance and hordes of bodies who beleaguer him, abounding of whom we achievement absolutely affliction about him and not what he can do for them. However, there’s article added than a little sad to Your Mama about this distinct 40-year old adolescent affairs and architecture anytime beyond mansions in which he lives, for all intents and purposes, alone. Why Mister Perry, who consistently strikes Your Mama as a soulful, anxious and adamant individual, wants to constitutional and bang about all by his alone in these airport terminal sized mansions is both stupifying and heartbreaking. But afresh again, who are we to apperceive or accept the absolute acreage desires of the affluent and famous?

listing photos: Jordan Breanna Properties

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